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Just released for Kindle and Print ! The biography of George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party.
The book has new information, more photos, hyperlinks, and is chock-full of information on the strange life of George Lincoln Rockwell.The print version is also available atĀ E-Bay

“Critically important…students of political extremism in the United States are more than well served by Schmaltz’s chronicle.”

– Library JournalĀ 

Mr. Schmaltz has written a fascinating biography, full of action, turmoil and complexities. His style is refreshing, his insights keen and research exemplary. This book is a must for anyone who follows right wing extremism.

– Edward W. Cundiff

Schmaltz has written a very fair and unbiased account of Rockwell and his “stormtroopers”, who were a menage of brawlers, ex-cons and misfits along with some genuinely talented individuals. Rockwell in many ways was like a great pro wrestling heel with his agitation techniques, he inflamed crowds beyond the boiling point to out and out brawling riots many a time, but he also often won over initially hostile crowds using his sense of humor